Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Poison #3, l'heure verte

He ordered another absinthe,


swirling his thoughts

into a dream-like state,


walking the seam

to a place

he's journeyed

before, in between,

the 13th floor,

existing only for those who cross

the tightrope without a net,

sip the brew

that creates sunless clouds,

sometimes they pass,

other times, they consume.

graphics courtesy of Polyvore

l'heure verte

l'heure verte

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Poison #2, after The Scottish Play by William Shakespeare


Black magic, poisonous, evil, can lead a man astray,
a fated gathering, predictions, his cold bitch-wife points the way...


Crimson entrails, splatters and smears of bright red,

tints, taints, tarnishes, the creatures of the moat, fed.

Wild dogs bark, children scream, witches cackle,

the horses' quick clip-clop, thunder and lightening


An omen of unnatural doings, the fulfillment of equivocation,

truth and loyalty traded for "mouth-honor" and

Lady M. lies in the courtyard, lifeless limbs tangling,

steel crosses hilt to hilt, bodies pierced by swords' ends  hanging.

On his shoulders, the cloak of guilt heavy,

it cracks his mind, steeps his soul, no trace of envy.



  The stew cooked, the reckoning hour,

  misleading magic, the pursuit of power,

  a ripe blood-moon, a time to rise and fall,

  for he who would be king of all...

all photos by author

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

RVAFW candidly shot...


  Brian McDaniel and Soleil Paden,
assisting in marking the sweet spot...

These are a few extra shots I took at the end of the Saturday show...
They are sparsely edited as I wanted to simulate the feeling

as the models quickly crossed in front of me

in a blur of beauty...









Courtney leaves the building,
 at the end of an amazing week of fashion...

Sunday, April 26, 2015

the roses that bloom in the spring....

A bouquet of pale pink roses,
purchased from Christopher,
in front of CanCan on W. Cary St.,
on Thursday, April 23,
photos taken Sunday, April 26!
Please visit him...



Saturday, April 25, 2015

the Finale of RVAFW....

my work is done,
the long editing process over,
here are my final photos
from the 7th Annual RVAFW
Designer Boutique, Part 2,
April 2015