Sunday, June 28, 2015

Richmond Fashion Alliance Presents.... Ali Ferguson

Ali Ferguson's Qualite' Collection
all photographs by author







Ali and her model


RVA Fashion Alliance Presents.... Melissa Jiannalone and Isabel Hall

These are the photos from the first two designers this afternoon....
More to come...
Melissa Jiannalone's Collection
  Isabel Hall's Collection






the designer and her model walk the loop...


going to RVA Fashion Alliance Show at Hardywood TODAY, 1-4pm?!

photo by author


Cultural Exposition

Saturday, June 27, 2015: Cultural Expo at the Science Museum

Joanna Lee,
 James River Writers

can you do this?

a group of young steppers...

exhibit by Gallery 5...

Arts on Wheels exhibit....

who knew Scarlett was coming to event?

still waiting for Rhett...

River City Blues Society of Virginia...

en attendant Godot?!


"does anyone really know what time is it?"

stark view of the arch...



around the world in less than 80 days....

love the angles of this metal work...


les liaisons dangerouses...

how does one bend metal into such graceful curves?

sculpting marble....

ah, the dome, Jefferson would like this...


one of the old cars...

the FFV building, repurposed into condos....
I can still smell the cookies...


Monday, June 8, 2015

A time of dys-ease

Time curls into itself,

it smirks, conspiring

with the demons of depression.

The rhythm changes,

days of nothingness,

stretching into weeks,

morning afternoon evening

indistinguishable drab grey.

I panic at the vast number of hours,

no clever tricks to fill it,

I settle for a xanax or an early drink

to take the edge off.

My ego so enmeshed

with my work ethic,

an incestuous pair,

the knot I cannot parse.

Summer breathes its first breath,

licking its lips...

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Poison #3, l'heure verte

He ordered another absinthe,


swirling his thoughts

into a dream-like state,


walking the seam

to a place

he's journeyed

before, in between,

the 13th floor,

existing only for those who cross

the tightrope without a net,

sip the brew

that creates sunless clouds,

sometimes they pass,

other times, they consume.

graphics courtesy of Polyvore

l'heure verte

l'heure verte

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Poison #2, after The Scottish Play by William Shakespeare


Black magic, poisonous, evil, can lead a man astray,
a fated gathering, predictions, his cold bitch-wife points the way...


Crimson entrails, splatters and smears of bright red,

tints, taints, tarnishes, the creatures of the moat, fed.

Wild dogs bark, children scream, witches cackle,

the horses' quick clip-clop, thunder and lightening


An omen of unnatural doings, the fulfillment of equivocation,

truth and loyalty traded for "mouth-honor" and

Lady M. lies in the courtyard, lifeless limbs tangling,

steel crosses hilt to hilt, bodies pierced by swords' ends  hanging.

On his shoulders, the cloak of guilt heavy,

it cracks his mind, steeps his soul, no trace of envy.



  The stew cooked, the reckoning hour,

  misleading magic, the pursuit of power,

  a ripe blood-moon, a time to rise and fall,

  for he who would be king of all...

all photos by author