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What's up with Anthrofashionist?
Working, working, working.  Retail at Anthropologie and substitute teaching for grades K through 12th.
Redecorating the house and trying to redesign my blog.

I want to include more of me and more of my political views and my opinions on social issues. Here's a sample:

I am concerned about the extreme partisanship that has become the norm for our Congress.  It appears to me that a lot of our politicians were not present during kindergarten and therefore did not learn how to share in the sandbox.  Even the presence of  Bob Dole did not free up the logjam.
I am intrigued that the Supreme Court may be addressing the status of same sex couples. Wow, isn't that a step forward?

Let me know your thoughts about this.  Now don't go crazy with me, my passion for fashion and beauty continues.  It will always be part of what I am and what I love.

So what do you do think?  Let's get some dialogue going...
Judy aka anthrofashionist

in my shoes...