Saturday, June 30, 2012

IV jellies...

IV jellies...

Furla handbag
$248 -

Kate spade clutch
$150 -

Kate spade clutch
$150 -

Rag bone brimmed hat
$220 -

Inverni pink straw hat
$195 -

Neon hat
£90 -

Fishing bucket hat
$68 -

BCBG Max azria
$38 -

Brimmed hat
£32 -

Brimmed hat
$18 -

Furla 'Candy' Rubber Satchel
$248 -

I'm ready, my bikini is in my backpack...

on a clear day...

IV a picture is worth...

Friday, June 29, 2012

round vs.square

I do not fit
in the round hole,
being the square I am.
Having tried to squeeze,
to change my contours,
to find a spot.
Too much of this,
too little of that,
it seems there would be
at least one place
that would accommodate my shape.
It's not that strange
I do believe
but others view it
from another perspective.
Unlike the other widgets
that fall easily into their spaces,
they form a line.
Except that one whose sides differ
not much but enough
to notice the edges are sharp,
not smooth.
Therefore, that one should be removed.

fun a la John Patrick

fun a la John Patrick

Organic by John Patrick longsleeve shirt
$242 -

Organic by John Patrick short sleeve t shirt
$74 -

Organic by John Patrick tie pants
$258 -

Loeffler Randall high heel
$425 -

BCBG Max azria
$38 -