Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What comes next...


The hallway at the Jane

Springtime arrives in the West Village

With RVA Fashion Week already started, I am trying to catch up with the blogs from my recent trip to NYC for the Manhattan Vintage Show.

Folks enjoying a sunny day in NYC

I plan one about my goodies from the Manhattan Vintage show, one about the Jane Hotel and the surrounding West Village and another about the markets and stores that I visited.

I will be blogging about the Skyline show which was held yesterday, followed by the show at Scott's Addition, the show at Cary Court and finally the Designer Showcase.

As a special treat, I'll be attending the Henley Street Theatre's Bootleg Ball on May 11 and doing a guest blog for them.

So lots to look forward to!  Ciao, bellas!

Manhattan Vintage show

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Return of the Native

 A brief stop in D.C. on the China bus
Chez Jane
In the process of creating a title for this blog about going back to NYC for the Manhattan Vintage Show, somehow return seemed appropriate.  When I thought of "the Native", I hesitated.  But I did grow up in Hartsdale (25 miles north) and I did work on Madison Avenue for three summers during my college years.  Not exactly a Manhattanite, but I have always felt a closenesss to "the City" because of all the culture I have appreciated over the years as well as the ultimate shopping experience.                                                                                                
I rode the China bus to 33rd and 7th Avenue and caught a cab to the Jane.
After briefly unpacking/nesting, I took the subway to the show.  It was better than I expected - 90 juried vendors with incredible treasures from decades ago.

The subway station at 14th Street

I checked in with my only vintage buddy, Mara, whom I met at the Chelsea Garage in February.  She had some lovely pieces and the skirt I purchased from her is one of my favorites.  I love the colors, the pattern, the style and the texture and it fit perfectly.
Then I moved into the unknown - the 89 other vendors and it was a bit overwhelming.  I did a lap around all the booths and was drawn back to a few for certain items.  I was on a budget so there was some negotiation but I felt that the pricing was fair.
The other customers were enjoyable; we got to know each other quickly in the shared dressing rooms.  The vendors were friendly, encouraging, but not pushy.  It opened a broader world of vintage for me and I can't wait to explore more of it in my now native Richmond, Virginia.

Lace, lace, lace...
If you are interested in my finds, hang on for the next blog...  Ciao, bellas!


A bit of boho on display

The entrance to the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W. 18th St., April 19-20

The lights in the tunnel on the China bus going home

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Back in RVA

 She's baack....

The Manhattan Vintage Show and the whole trip were a blast!  I'll be working on a blog about it very soon.
Hang in there, bellas, you're going to enjoy it...
However, priority is to resolve computer issues asap!

Judy aka anthrofashionist aka JudyQue

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gone for a while, but I'll be back...

Dear friends,
Due to getting a new camera which of course has a new software program, I almost crashed my old computer.  So I have purchased a new computer and must install it and then add the camera software.
Wow, like I am made of money!

The good news is that I am going the Manhattan Vintage show on April 19-20 and then staying till the 22nd to go the flea markets and a few stores. There will be a new blog post with photos, using my old point and shoot. 
I miss being in touch with you and hope that the blog will be more regular very soon!  Till then, ciao, bellas!

Judy aka anthrofashionist aka JudyQue 

Monday, April 1, 2013