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Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe booties

Dolce Gabbana brown tote bag
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

On the outside, looking in...

Though I enjoy attending the IFB conferences, I always feel like I am peeking into the world of real fashion bloggers.  Women in the know, most of whom live in New York City where fashion is happening on a daily basis.  Many of them know each other and are experienced bloggers with good followings.  They are chatting and hugging and air kissing... and I am a stranger from the strange land of Richmond, Virginia, where fashion trends slowly travel from the Big Apple.

They are all dressed to perfection, obviously carefully planned outfits, and shoes with heels that I can not even slip into without teetering.  Some of them are wearing couture pieces that I can only dream about.  Others are wearing more reasonably priced pieces, but when I look for them, they haven't been released to the public yet.  So these are women who know someone, who knows someone, etc.

They are friendly with most of the panelists who have well-known names and numbers of readers that I aspire to.  I listen carefully, I take notes, I speak to people and try to network .  But then there's that nasty little age factor.  I am 50+ and most of them are 25-30 years old.  Many of them are starting careers,  moving from somewhere to a flat in Brooklyn, room mates, friends with benefits, dating, etc. 

But are we at different points in our lives?  In a way, I am at the same point in my life, in that I am starting over in a new career, finally doing something that I love.  But my time frame is limited - I don't have the luxury of years and years to try, fail, and succeed.  I feel a certain pressure to make it happen as soon as possible. And I do struggle with certain IT issues that come naturally to them.  Everything I have learned about blogging has been self taught.  Through trial and error.  Recently, I made a big error that cost me a guest blog that I was really looking forward to.  But I learned some important lessons from it and will not repeat that mistake. 


Oops | JMC Creative


But now I must move forward and start implementing some of the changes I want to make.  First, a new camera.  Thinking of Canon Rebel - any suggestions as to which model?  Low budget here, $200-$300, but definitely don't mind used or refurbished.

Hope to hear back.  Ciao, bellas!