Sunday, May 6, 2012

Newest Target Collaboration...

To those who follow the Target collaborations, the boutique shops opened today.  I am focusing on the apparel and accessories from The Webster, a chic shop in Miami.  First of all, I anticipated a reaction like the Missoni and Jason Wu collabs, so I got there early.  The parking lot had a smattering of cars.  I walked in and there was no one looking at the new pieces.  I was actually able to shop without bumping into wild women with their carts filled to the brim and the dressing room with a line that snaked into the maternity area.
my fav

the shift 

cotton hand

another easy cotton piece in striped plaid
                                                                                         two of the longer dresses

one of the tops
available in all white or with coral or black embroidery

available online only
one of the tropical prints
this is "the robe"/wrap tunic
a repeat of my fav print

mini skirt with ruffles

another of the skirts
one of the cute espadrilles
part two of the sweater set

part one of the sweater set

pair of shorts

I was underwhelmed by the offerings.  There are a variety of prints and colors and solids in the dresses, tops, and  bottoms. Sizing for women, petites, plus, girls and infants.  There are a few pieces for men.  A wider selection is posted on the website and many items are available as of this writing. Some pieces are online only.

Now for the pieces that I liked.  A neutral striped plaid dress was my favorite.  The fabric feels good though it is 100% polyester with a partial lining in polyester. Sometimes polyester gets a bad rap. The elastic in the back of the waistband has zig-zag stitching that makes it interesting from the front and the back.
There is a cute sweater set that caught my eye in pink and melon and navy.
In addition, there is a dynamite print "robe" in the sleepwear section that could easily be worn as a wrap tunic with the navy slip/nightgown underneath.
Some of the pieces are definitely influenced by the tropical vibe. Accessories include a selection of scarves and totes and jewelry.

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