Saturday, October 19, 2013

VAFW/ The day the camera (battery) died...


 Coming through drizzles and drips of rain, I arrived at Trinkle Hall at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg on the afternoon of Saturday, October 12. It's Virginia Fashion Week.


I am beginning to think I'm cursed.  Something seems to go wrong with my camera each time that it's really important that nothing go wrong with it. I took pictures for two hours. At which point, the battery on my Canon Rebel died. I had no back-up plan as it was a brand new battery.




  I came to see the Martyr Collection by Angie Bacskosky from Richmond, Virginia.  I have known Angie for four years, since we both started working at Anthropologie.  She possesses incredible talents and I was excited to see her newest venture in design.   See tomorrow's post.


But enough whining, time to make lemonade out of lemons.

The following is a list of the collections I viewed sans camera:


Mikasa La'Charles: Metallics. Final black dress was knockout!


JB5: Swimwear by Iris and Juan from Puerto Rico.  Quite a cheeky set!


  Brehon Williams: 24 year old from Chesapeake, Va.  The lines were clean, simple and elegant.


Gwendolyn Wilson:  From Richmond, Va. and recently showed at NYFW Couture. Lots of sparkle.


Azi Blas: Shimmer, metallic, ruffles, satin, shearling and feathers.



Jennifer Carpenter:  From Richmond, Va.  Bright color blocking, hi-lo hemlines, cut outs.


Carlyle Williams: Men's and women's clothing.  Hats, coats, jackets piped in contrasting color, scarves,  pops of plaid.


Corrinne Monique: Asymmetry, jagged hemlines, lots of color, tropical influence.



Here are some of the photographs from the collections I viewed: 


Lipstick and Stilettos 


a blur and glimpse featuring brilliant colors and mind-bending lines...


the designer and her daughter

Allyson Ritchie


neon shades of purple with a hi-lo hemline


 this skirt has swing



15 year old Allyson Ritchie!

Christina Grehan


golden shimmer



liquid silver 


Christina Grehan


                                                                   Abydis Clothing


color blocking 


clean lines and saucy hats were featured



Yatra Collection



movement and saturated colors



a twist on the traditional Indian tunic



sheerness and fluidity



a final swirl of purple

inspired by the colors, fabrics and styles of India

Kudos to all the models. 

A special shout out to whomever made the decision to include the older African-American model.  Walking with style and class, she owned the runway...

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