Saturday, September 28, 2013

Carytown feeds the Byrd...


 I attended Carytown feeds the Byrd Thursday night.  All the proceeds from the fashion event go to preserving the Byrd Theatre.   I was greeted in the lobby by friendly staff, purchased a drink ticket for a glass of bubbly and found a seat. 

Lots of ladies were dressed in 1920s garb in the audience, a few men matched their significant others in tuxedos.  

The fashion show was introduced by Raul Cantu, President of the Carytown Merchants Association and owner of Nacho Mama's and Shannon Siriano Greenwood, a dancer at RVA Dance Collective and the director of restaurant marketing at the Tobacco Company.  If Shannon's middle name sounds familiar, yes, she is the sister of Christian Siriano of Project Runway fame.



The first group of boutiques were Bygones, Ciao, Alternatives/Champagne and Shoes, West Coast Kix and Pink. 



There was an intermission with some time to purchase additional drinks and/or popcorn (yum). 

Then another set of boutiques took to the boards - Fab'rik/Champagne and Shoes, Artisans Shops/ Champagne and Shoes, Glass Boat, Eurotrash and Lex's of Carytown.


The clothing was inspiring and the models owned the stage as they walked from side to side and then back to center before exiting.  They all did a final loop around the stage before disappearing into the wings.

A few parting words by the co-hosts and a cameo appearance by an adorable  bunny ended this part of the evening. We were invited to the after party at the C Street Restaurant at 3325 W. Cary St.


I needed little encouragement for free hors d'oeuvres (though it was a cash bar).  The highlight was an incredible performance by a female impersonator channeling Lady Gaga.  The dollar bills were flying from men and women in a couple of minutes and it was a memorable denouement to the fashion event. 



The party broke up around 11 pm, though there were other parties still in progress in Carytown as I walked to my car...



P.S.  Please excuse the quality of the pictures.  My trusty Canon Rebel needed a new battery at the last minute so I used the old point and shoot.  Not the same!

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