Wednesday, September 11, 2013

woman cave

true words, but still challenging to find this combination....

summer 2013 mood board

transitioning into fall 2013 mood board

new lamp and shade purchased for $4.50 at local yard sale!

you know you've been married a long time when your early pictures look sepia toned...

ribbons and bows and shoes.... a few of my favorite things

my carpeted vintage stepstool

my journals and current reading materials...

an old porthole, vintage railroad ties, picture of my folks and others along the bookcase

some of my reference books on style and fashion


I love the colors of the leaves of this begonia, it goes with the old secretary desk painted purple

a new dress and light coat from Anthropologie for the fall season


These are a few shots of my "woman cave" in the back room of our house.  It's my special place to think, read, become inspired, create...   sometimes nap or sleep.  The sun comes in during the day and floods the room with light.  It's still a work in progress...

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