Monday, March 10, 2014

conversing on two levels...

Around 6 pm, I called my husband to see if we could meet for a drink.  He's usually already somewhere doing that.

He answers the phone and tells me he's at the grocery store, buying band aids.  He works with his hands so I ask, did you hurt yourself? No, but I might.  Let me call you right back.



After counseling people with mental health problems for many years, when I hear I might hurt myself, I interpret it as I am deeply depressed, I have sharp implements and I am about to use them.

Not good, must stop.


When he calls back, he mildly adds, I always like to have some available in case something happens at work.

Lower blood pressure, take deep breath, do not call 911. 


Weird how the same words have such different meanings...

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