Wednesday, August 6, 2014

show the world/Lil Boosie

I found L'il Boosie through a young man in school,
the song to connect with a class of wannabes,
I grew fond of its positivity.
The artist struggles, makes poor choices,
perseveres to create an audience of listeners.
Yes, his language and lifestyle are rough,
yet he's honest, he owns it,
he made it in a materialistic way,
but deeper, he shares himself,
his vulnerability, his challenges
to be a father, to be a man.

And that is part of the role of a poet,
to reveal oneself,
the good, that's easy.
But the mistakes, the bitterness,
the meanness, the anger,
the sadness, the hurt, 
all of these pieces make the whole.
And to stand before others
and say this is me, all of me,
and some of it isn't pretty,
to peel away the layers of protection,
to show the world the real shit.

photo courtesy of Polyvore

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