Saturday, February 11, 2012


Well, even though I can not find my new "domain" (sounds like a kingdom?), I can continue to post on blogspot.
New York was a blast!  I enjoyed the IFB conference and learned a lot from all the panelists.  The party took place at the Grand Tribeca, which is a gorgeous setting.  The bar was hopping as was the music.  In my spare time, I was able to check out a couple of the Anthropologies and TopShop and do some sightseeing. 

Btw, TopShop is doing a collaboration with Marni starting on March 8 and I have viewed a few pieces of apparel and they are great looking.  Not sure about the fabrication, but certainly worth checking out.  It will be available in stores and on line. 
Got a couple of good gets in my IFB goodie bag - a really pretty pearl necklace by Erickson Beamon/Baublebar and a new Zoya nail polish color called Megan.  It's kind of a pale gray-lavender - one of those colors that is hard to label but goes with everything.
I will be adding more pics soon so stay tuned.
Ciao, bellas!

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