Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just realized that I asked people to click onto my blog, but I haven't written much recently.  It seems that my audience prefers the visuals, but I am trying to meld the two as I am really more of a woman of words.

I have recovered from the Marni/H&M episode with nothing to show for it except the green and teal see through bag that I purchased on Ebay.  I was quite disappointed that our local store did not carry any of the collection and I was told firmly by a sales associate that they would not get any pieces.  Oh, well...

But it has piqued my interest in other Marni pieces as you see and there are a variety of them on Ebay.  I purchased the blouse in the picture and am anxiously awaiting its arrival from across the pond.  I will let you know what it looks like in person.  I was tempted to get the dress as well but the prints are similar so I am looking for another interesting piece.

It has drawn me to more prints than usual and bolder colors and inevitably, mixing prints.  Tricky, but what fun!

That's about all for now, ciao bellas!

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