Wednesday, April 18, 2012

anthropologie musings...

I checked out a number of items listed on Ebay as Anthropologie.  First, all of them are not items from the Anthropologie brands.  Most of them look "Anthro", but are/were not sold in Anthropologie stores or the Anthropologie website.  I tried to pull "the real ones", especially ones that are good deals.

Enjoy looking and if you are inclined, go to Ebay to Anthropologie to women's clothing, see for yourselves.                                                

Bold print dress

This dress is beautiful from the front & back,
linen hand to fabric

Cherry Red Schuler & Sons shoes, size 6.5M

Dress from Maple
Dress from Maeve - stunning!
From Maeve,
is it a dress or a blouse & skirt?
Plaid wool jacket, beautifully tailored -
tuck it away for next fall...
Floreat corset bustier

Lace eyelet peplum blouse
and peplums are in!

Lovely print named after the Tuileries gardens in Paris

Pittore Dress

Odille floral jacket
Mermaid white floral print skirt
Hamatreya skirt
Quilted tile skirt

Anthro skirt?
Odille skirt
We Love Vera dress

Moulinette Soeurs Verdant Green Slipdress
Classic lace dress with slip that sold out quickly!

Not Anthro, Tulle jacket but retro and quite cute...

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