Sunday, July 29, 2012

All the looks fit to print...

Putting together my Lookbook for co-workers yesterday and today.  At first, it seems overwhelming to go through all the magazines and choose the pieces that represent the trends.  Then editing, editing, editing to the best of the best.  Assembling the book itself, what goes where...  and then it comes together at a certain point and the pages fall into place and it's done.

I start with the haute couture pieces that inspire me - apparel and accessories.  Then do a section of similar looks at more reasonable price points.  And finally, what's new in beauty.

This book has real wows in it, the colors, the patterns, the prints, the rich textures.  Accessories feature color blocking and tapestry.  And my favorites in beauty are the red lip and the ombre lip. 

It is a great way to channel my creativity and I enjoy it from start to finish.  And positive feedback from management and peers is icing on the cake.
So that's what I've been doing.  Tomorrow back to posting.
Ciao, bellas!

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