Tuesday, July 10, 2012

the word according to Vogue...

and Harper's Bazaar and Lucky and and InStyle - basically all the fashion magazines for fall 2012 is "go big or go home".  

Volume is in, both top and bottom, shoulders have widened or broadened, prints are bolder and matchy-matchy is back.  

There's a theme in here - what you wear should make a statement.  Whether it's a piece of clothing or an accessory say something with your outfit.  

So get into your closet and start playing with your clothes.  Put together something new and different.  Not every combination will work and not every piece should make a statement (think of a cacophonous orchestra).  Look in the mirror, take a picture, get an opinion from a friend.  

But no shrinking violets please.  No all black outfits.  Break out of your mold and see what happens... something wonderful and liberating and fun!

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