Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In the beginning...

When I first got the idea to do a blog, I had no clue about the IT involved.  So I got some advice and started.  Slowly, I found my way to blogger, twitter, tumblr, pinterest and lyst.  

There have been mistakes, but I have learned along the way.  I am still adding to my arsenal of tools and I may not always get there in the quickest way, but I get there.  My motto should be "slow and steady wins the race".  

And that is the way I have built a following.  No going viral, but the numbers keep increasing and I am grateful to each and every person who chooses to join my adventure.

I try to be mindful of price points, but it is easy to piece together a set and then look at the total and realize that it is only for the highrollers.  And I don't know many highrollers.  I do know a lot of women though who want to look like them and I do too.  

So I search for similar items at lesser price points so in the end, you have the same look but can also buy groceries and make your car payment.  

So if this sounds like you, come along for the ride and I promise that there will be good fashion and style as well as some wit and wisdom.
Ciao, bellas!

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