Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ms. Lonely Heart

I am tired of the aloneness,
it has become loneliness,
no human contact other than social media,
which is not the same.

Max is in the house,
he was my dog,
but has become my husband's dog,
so he is of limited comfort.

My husband returns from work,
soaks his paint stained, aching body in the tub,
changes into fresh clothing and leaves
for one of several watering holes he favors.

I am by myself for the evening,
a reheated leftover for dinner,
suggested by him,
as I begin to feel like a leftover myself.

It's not healthy for me
to have so much unstructured time,
I get depressed as you know,
I do not want to dance
around the rim of that black hole,
it scares me, as it draws me closer.

No, tomorrow I will go out into the world,
even if it's errands,
just leave the house behind for a while,
and see the sky, the grass, 
smell scents, hear voices
of people, even better,
intelligent people who want
to engage in conversation.

I know where I will go for breakfast,
there are intelligent people in that space,
so there's a chance...


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