Sunday, July 27, 2014

to be or not to be...

First I was fashion blogger, then I needed to learn
to take photos so I graduated from a point and shoot
to a camera with adjustments, a decent photographer,
then in a serendipitous moment,
I published a poem on my fashion blog,
and readers liked it,
so my fashion blog morphed into a poetry blog,
a strange mix,
Now I'm writing a piece of prose for possible publication,
and another writer called me a poet.

I am confused, what the hell am I?
Do I fit under the broad title of title of writer?
That seems like a giant leap into a profession
to which authors belong who possess skills
and talent far beyond mine,
works I read in high school and college
and grad school and since....
There were no questions about their entitlement,
but me, a writer?

I feel like a young boy in a suit several sizes too big,
sleeves down to there, pant legs puddling on the floor,
it weighs too heavily on my slight shoulders.
What makes a writer?
Publication, recognition by peers, something elusive?
My mind is blurry with imagery, words, pages...

For now I'll be a fashion blogger
who takes photos,
writes poetry,
and an occasional piece of prose.
That seems to fit, though it's a mouthful
and evades the question ....

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