Tuesday, July 1, 2014

the silent summer...

This afternoon I rest, I don't know why,
I've not exerted myself,
I am bored by lack of life.

The days run together, they all seem the same,
up early, coffee, watch the am news,
then to the computer to see what's up,
nothing needs my attention,
to the TV as the news loops back upon itself, turn it off,
time to dress, hair, make-up,
I'm ready for nothing because that's what is on my plate.

A vacant agenda, calendar, 
no work, no socializing, no activities. 
Today's date? I'm not sure,
the last time I checked, oh well, I don't care,
the days go past me slowly, ditto, repeat.

Everyone else is busy, their lives seem full,
while mine is on empty.
Unless I reach out, no one reaches for me,
and even that misfires,
"I can't, no time, wish I could, maybe next week, I'll give you a call".

But the phone doesn't ring
and the silence roars.

photo by author,
courtesy of Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition at Brooklyn Museum

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