Friday, May 10, 2013

the grande finale...

Let me start with apologies to all the designers, models and everyone involved in the production of this show. 
I have a new camera, a new computer and a new photoshop program.  There were many bad photos that I had to reject due to my ineptitude.  Not all designers are represented in this blog and I will note the omissions I am aware of now:

Candace Parrish, Coeur du Rouge

Jennifer Carpenter & Mindy Mizelle, J. Carpenter

Lisa Opie, Vizcaya Swimwear

Brittany Covington, Wild Wild Woman

Celestial Harbor, Michelle Ramona

Able, Amanda Campbell

Rong, James Williams
Menswear, including Ledbury

The Laurianda Clothing Company, Christina Jenkins

Soul Rebel, Kamala Bhagat

707 Fine Menswear