Friday, June 27, 2014

catting around RVA...

Thursday evening: Worked at Anthropologie until 10 pm, drove to Balliceaux to listen to Fool's Errand and the Moonbees.

Conversations at the back bar:

Interesting young man recuperating from facial injury due to capoeira, a Brazilian form of martial arts that cominbes self-defense, gymnastics, dance and music.  This is not ballroom dancing, it is intensively physical and requires strength, training and mental concentration.  There is a well-known teacher from Brazil in Richmond with a school in Bon Air.  Tracking down information for you now...

Joined by Enzo Andimari, the man with the mellifluous voice, who has a show on WRIR and is the manager of Pane e vino near Broad and the Boulevard.  He is using his musical connections to showcase local talent on Sunday nights, no cover, and half price bottles of wine.  This week the Transitones will return from 8-9 pm.

Enzo is a buddy so we chatted, topics ranging from Kafka to Godot to the characteristics of an introvert vs. an extrovert.  Really...

The Moonbees finished their set and so it was time for me to trek home.  I had an opportunity to compliment the incredible violinist of Fool's Errand, Alex.  He seemed genuinely surprised that anyone would notice his talent.

Right outside the front door, I saw the members of the Moonbees who were taking a smoke break.  They are accomplished musicians with an eclectic style, friendly and full of good humor.  As I love to joke around, too, we enjoyed each other's company. 

Tonight they are playing on Forest Hill Avenue at CrossRoads Coffee and Ice Cream starting at 8 pm, no cover.  If you haven't heard them, it is worth the trip.

Made it home safely and ran into neighbors returning from country music show in Charlottesvillle. 

Seems like music is following me around these days...

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