Monday, June 16, 2014

what I did on my summer vacation...

Today is day one of my so called summer vacation.  No subbing, fewer hours at the store, which means limited money to enjoy this chunk of time.

To scramble is yet another job that pays nothing and I seem to have a talent for that.  I am one of those older women who does not possess a marketable skill set. 

I have excellent people skills but people skills do not mean much in an IT world where communication is emailed, texted, tweeted or posted.  I do all these things but I know that you can not replicate the experience of being in a space with another person looking into their eyes and talking.  You miss facial expression, body posture, hand gestures, so many pieces as to how a person conveys their words or is silent.  It is valuable information that is lost.  Yet we go on to find more ways to speak remotely and fewer ways to sit together side by side.

I fear that certain neural pathways will erode from lack of use.  The brains of children will be configured differently, though other pathways will be created to accommodate the "new communication".  The older routes will become vestigial.  At some point in the future, a neurologist will query why does this exist?  Like an appendix or a tail bone, we do not use it anymore.

Because everything we must say is just a keystroke away.

photo by author

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