Friday, June 13, 2014

Renaissance woman seeks Renaissance man...

Basic requirements: Attractive (to me)
                                 Sense of humor
                                 Liberal views
                                 In touch with emotions

* Gentlemen seeking massage need not apply*

Sometimes I wonder who this man is, if he exists,
is it someone I already know,
but have never considered in this way,
or someone I've yet to meet,
a serendipitous meeting,
by chance, fate,
when the planets are aligned
and Mercury is (or isn't) in retrograde,
and the universe is primed for this event?

So many variables timed exactly
to the minute, the second,
that we see each other and it is magic.
My heart races,
my ability to speak in full coherent sentences flies away,
and I stare into the eyes
of a handsome creature who either
does not notice me or dismisses me
as not "in his league".

He has standards that I can not possibly meet,
pretty younger women waiting, etc.
Yet he is concerned that no sound has come
from my mouth though I continue to stare.
He says, "are you alright?",
I respond, "yes, fine, sorry to stare, thought I knew you,
you remind me of someone, can't remember who,
don't mean to bother you, I should go",
All these words run into each other,
so quickly, compressed speech...

I am trying to gracelessly remove myself
from this embarrassing moment.
Obviously "the magic" is one-sided, no reason to prolong it,
Escape is my goal, I must move away now.

But suddenly there is a twinkle in his eyes,
a crinkle of crow's feet,
followed by a smile,
My heart races yet again, is this a good sign?
Or does he have something in his eye
and is grimacing from pain?
No, it's a genuine smile...

Might this happen, a remote possibility,
the older I get, the less assured of my ability
to attract a man of interest,
Time is against me, gravity as well.
Serendipity? how often do circumstances collide
to create such an opportunity?
Statistically infinitesimal.
A fantasy, fiction it is...

photo by author

                                                                     could it be?

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