Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mean boys....

Mean boys,
who says that only girls act this way?
Boys can be just as cruel.
If you're different,
if you don't walk the walk
and talk the talk.
The walk belongs to jocks, sports driven,
the talk is cool, in the know,
and if you don't have "it",
you're not accepted, ridiculed.
I saw it today,
I recognized it as I was once part of the "out" group.
I got by using my sense of humor
and quick wit, it saved me,
and my smarts, which brought me respect,
okay, I missed some parties, cigarettes, alcohol,
definitely proms and boyfriends...
But I found a niche and made it through high school
without major bruises, more or less intact...

photo courtesy of photographer on tumblr 

 an example of stuzzi
(not the boys I saw recently)


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