Tuesday, June 24, 2014

summertime, the feelings uneasy...

I have fallen off the cliff into the sea of nothingness,
known as summer,
school is over, no subbing,
store hours are extremely limited,
and my friends seem to be hiding under rocks.

I'm reading and writing in the back room,
in my (wo)man cave,
and wondering where the pace of my life went,
working two jobs, meeting friends in the evenings...

I am unable to adjust, 
leaving me with anxiety, the jitters, 
pacing within my tiny house.

A lot of alone time affects my mental/emotional energy,
I grow more introspective, my socialization skills erode,
a downward spiral.

Summer is hellish -
the negatives swallow me like a rip tide,
and I must struggle or be buried in the deep.

I will survive
as I do each June to August.

Somehow, some way...

photo by author
riding the wave?

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