Friday, August 12, 2011

Fall 2011

The biggest trend is color - rich, jewel-colored, saturated color. Blue, purple, orange, red, green, etc. You remember that color wheel from grade school? That's it. It's bold and beautiful.
Now I know a lot of people are scared of color and their closets consist of black and maybe some dark charcoal gray or navy. And that's nice and safe. But take a step out this fall and try some color. One piece of great color and be ready for the compliments.
Some of you are already saying no way. For you, baby steps. Start with an accessory - a scarf, a handbag, a pair of gloves. Then you can progress to a larger piece. If it is a shade that doesn't look good with your coloring, do a safe top and a colorful bottom - a skirt, a pair of pants. or jeans.
Color can really lift your spirits. No one looks good in black all the time. I remember my grandmothers wore black all the time - they were Italian and once someone close to them died, they mourned for the rest of their lives. But you don't have that excuse, so give it a chance.
And report back to me - I'm waiting to hear.

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