Friday, August 5, 2011

The Project

After many years and tears devoted to helping people, I decided that it was time for a change or as they say these days, time to "reinvent" myself. I had developed a strong passion for fashion, a style of my own, one that was noticed by others. So it was about three years ago that I plunged head first into the search for a job in women's retail sales. How difficult could it be? I walked the walk, talked the talk, possessed lots of energy and determination, etc. Of course, I had rather limited experience in retail, but that shouldn't be an impediment, right? Little did I realize that it would be so challenging. As usual I persevered, though many friends wondered if I had lost my sanity, and after about a year of looking, I landed the job of my dreams in a wonderful store with a great staff. However, I was the new girl (?) on the block and therefore, many tasks assigned to me were not retail related. Let's just say there were dust bunnies and dirty toilets and racks to polish - I think you understand. And who knew that standing on your feet all day could be painful? could reduce my wardrobe of designer shoes into instruments of torture? could change my shoe size? Oh, yes. And the search for the perfect "retail" shoe- that pair of shoes that are actually orthopedic but look like Manolos? All part of this transformation of into the ideal retail associate.

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