Monday, August 22, 2011

Hey, everyone I'm back. I've been working on a project, putting together a new LookBook for fall fashions. There were a lot of pretty things to sort through and I must admit I was distracted for a bit. But the book is done and I am excited by what I have seen. Usually there is one big trend that dominates the season, but not this year. You can really pick and choose and put an outfit together for you.

Dates to remember: August 31, Karl Lagerfeld's Impulse Collection at Macy's
September 13, Missoni Collection at Target

There are some really decent prices on good looking garments - at least from all the pictures I have viewed. Not sure how they will look in person or what the fabrications will be. But it is definitely worth a short ride in your car to get a designer piece for less.
That's it for now. Ciao, bellas!

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