Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting very close to the Lagerfeld collection debuting at Macy's so plan your strategy now!

Already covered the Madmen/Madwomen trend and how to accessorize around it.
The other big trend is color. Bold, bright colors and beautiful pastels. So take your pick depending on your mood. Remember no matchy-matchy please, if you feel the urge, go tonal instead. You don't want to look like a pumpkin before Halloween or even on Halloween!

Knits have gotten weightier, not so many see-throughs. Skirts are longer (the midi is back) and pant waists are rising and looking more tailored (think Katharine Hepburn). Dresses maintain their position. Boots are flat-heeled, shoes have rounded toes and chunkier heels. I know a lot of those sky-high heels are still popular, but at least there is an alternative for those for us who refuse to brave those heights. Quite a few pretty blouses to wear with those skirts, more ethereal. Layering and mixing prints/patterns is still important Most jackets are cropped, though the longer men's wear look is giving it some competition. As I am a petite woman, the crops look better on me. Coats are big, but a major investment. If you have the bucks, go for a jewel-toned one that makes a statement.
So there are choices this season, which some might say present a challenge, but I say what a fun opportunity to show off your style.
Ciao, bellas!

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