Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hey, everyone, I survived the hurricane. Lost power for a while, but lost comcast connection for about 72 hours - no internet, no landline, no tv. Didn't realize how attached I have become to these technologies. But all is good, back on line.
Gave me some time to look through those huge September mags and the new Anthropologie catalogue, which is filled with beautiful things.
I wish I had the talent to create them, but I do have the talent to recognize them when I see them!
We will be having a Fashion Show at Anthropologie on September 9 and I am doing some of the outfitting. I am excited and anxious to get started. The store has been closed for a few days as no power at the Mall, but hopefully, it will be up and running by tomorrow.
I'll be working on some more fall fashion tips for you. Ciao, belllas!

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