Tuesday, May 27, 2014

adoption redux

Just when I thought I'd come to terms,
put it in its place,
gained perspective,
all grownup, no emotional baggage left.

Philomena, the film, comes along
and throws me into a tsunami,
rips out my heart,
triggers a driving rain of tears
and wrenching sobs,
washes away my adulthood,
my vulnerability wide and deep.
A powerful current draws me in, tosses me,
and though I emerge for a breath,
I am pulled under again.

One moment a composed woman,
the next, a small child, alone,
abandoned, inconsolable.
It is random, erratic, I have no control.

But it is part of me,
my past, my present, forever,
it is integral to me.

photo by author
courtesy of UNOS Art Gallery


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