Wednesday, May 7, 2014

RVAFW Finale/May 4, 2014/The National/9-11 pm

'Tis the night of the finale,
and all through the house,
the fashionistas are dressed,
and starting to grouse.

It's already past eight,
They arrived on time,
So this is fashionably late?
Another gin and tonic with lime.

Then the lights are dimmed,
the MC takes his place,
the music is rockin',
backstage, the models pace.

The 'nistas want fashion,
the models come out,
the designers aced it,
the apparel amazing, no doubt.

The cameras still clicking,
as the team takes their bow,
the long hours worth it,
but a short break for now.

Soon a new cycle
for the next Fashion Week,
events, fun, surprises,
close your eyes, yes, it's chic.

New pix from the National show to come...

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