Saturday, May 3, 2014

I before E?

Note: I=Introvert, E=Extrovert

I before E,
Not really, we live in a society that values Es over Is,
Perhaps because they talk over Is,
Though Is have contributions to make,
If the Es would just be quiet and listen.

I am on the cusp of I and E, a rather unique position,
feeding off the energy of others at times,
delicately balanced with quiet time.

Tested to the max this RVA Fashion Week,
as I work E jobs during the days
and then attend E events in the evenings.
I would like some alone time to process all the words,
images, interactions, a sensory assault.
But not until Sunday at 6 pm,
when I will recuse myself, recluse myself,
regenerate my neglected I.

Now I must continue to network,
promote my blog, draw new readers in.
I didn't realize that I must market myself,
in person, through social media,  photographs.
The blog does not sell itself,
not with the fierce competition in the blogosphere.
But no narrow niche for me, too many angles to live in a small box,
I want to breathe, to explore within and without,
space for both my I and E.

the balancing act...

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