Tuesday, April 8, 2014

ave atque vale II

Damn this shadow, he refuses to depart
Haunting the periphery, a brief glimpse,
why is he here? what business undone?

Must she banish him from her mind, her creative spirit,
perhaps he wants to return to that small place in her heart
where he resided for so many years.

What's the purpose, 
a reminder of what might have been,
but has no chance in present day, regrets.
She struggles to understand his reluctance.

Or is it self-inflicted,
the inability to loosen her grip on a dream,
to own her part in his existence.

Yes, she must stand and face him
as the woman she has become
and say be gone,
She decides who deserves this precious real estate
and he no longer belongs.

ave atque vale...

photo by author

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