Thursday, April 24, 2014


A snapshot into a life unknown to me until this afternoon.
An adolescent girl gets out of a car and speaks to the driver,
"Love you", once, twice, three times, four,
I assume the repetition because there is no answer.

It wrenches my heart to hear her voice,
each set of words a bit louder,
as if the driver can not hear.
But I am yards away and it was clear the first time.

We make eye contact, she knows I have overheard her plea,
yet she continues as I move away,
unable to help her, to elicit the response she wants.

And I relate to her pain,
I walk in her shoes,
It hurts, it hurts deeply,
I wish I could change it for her,
she is too young for this,
But when is one old enough to handle it,
I haven't gotten there yet.



photo courtesy of author
from Art Show at Bus Barn on Robinson/
summer 2013/artist unknown


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