Saturday, April 12, 2014

kickin' it

A faded image from years ago,
long brown hair, glasses, nice smile,
intelligent, kinda shy, uncertain of herself,
not yet a woman.

It seems like yesterday and at the same time so long ago.
Not knowing her path,
how it would all turn out,
so many choices then,
the world wide open.

Fewer choices now, a narrow number of years left.
some options gone forever,
opportunities that can not be recovered.

There is some sadness, what might have been,
one decision to the next, moving her to where she is today.
But still learning,
open to new experiences,
fashion lover, stylist, photographer, blogger, writer, teacher.

Creating new neural connections,
info transmitted synapse to synapse,
who knew she had the potential,
She surprises herself sometimes
Still kickin' it.

photo by author courtesy of Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition at Brooklyn Museum 

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