Monday, April 21, 2014


The problem is expectation of rescue by another,
She has to rescue herself,
Take on the responsibility,
Name the elephant in the room.

And why they will say, he's such a nice guy,
any woman would be lucky to have him,
What does she want? 
Something about affection, love,
Of course, he loves her,
he just mowed the lawn, she needs more?

And there it is, the outward signs for all to see
But none of the intimate one to one signs exist.

For him, affection and sex are the same,
For her, they are related, but not the same.
How to explain the connection between the two?
Math, no, sports, maybe,
the man hits the golf ball into the rough, near the 18th...

It makes sense to her,
But his mind works differently,
And perhaps it's just a bunch of words and feelings,
they are irrelevant to him,
yet they mean everything to her.

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