Tuesday, April 29, 2014

In perspective: The Geezer Incident

What to make of my recent encounter with the geezers?
Honestly, I'm having difficulty with it,
Letting it go, laughing it off,
Saying what the hell, a chance meeting.

It still smarts, that I looked like a prospect to them,
But wait, there is a new intel, 
This group moves in a pack to the same rhythm regularly,
Heat-seeking missiles looking for refuge.

So the problem is them,
They are sleazy old men, with one goal in mind,
And small blue pills to help them accomplish their mission.

I'm not ready for the trash bin yet,
Not so old that someone might be interested in more than a conversation,
I just need a little validation,
From a man with hair on his head, not liver spots.

Yet I let them take me so low,
My ego was so fragile,
But it has been boosted by insight into Italian machismo,
And so I regain my perspective.

I am able to say loud and clear,
You are not worth my time,
You have been erased from my memory,
And that's the way it will remain.
Sorry, boys, but this girl isn't interested,
Not now, not ever.


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