Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rebuff redux

How can she feel like she is 20 again,
waiting for his response
after so many years.

It's unsettling,
her expectations -
a conversation,
her apology,
listen to his side of this story,
the disconnect so rapid,
the end so abrupt,
without a word exchanged.

She may have to live with it
as it is.
For him, no reason to process
this event of long ago.

Over, done with, insignificant,
No memory
that would be the coldest cut,
no place within his heart.

Despite her resolve, the feelings of the past rush in,
it's wicked to experience this twice.

But that's the price for taking the chance,
hoping the odds in her favor,
no more excuses,
her ability to forgive sapped.

It's difficult to accept the silence
ringing in her ears, almost deafening,
With time, it will lessen.
the scar will heal again within her heart.


in the midst...

photo by author, courtesy of Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition at Brooklyn Museum

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