Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's Fashion Week in RVA,
get out the Canon Rebel,
charge the battery,
ready to take shots.

Refocus from the poetry to fashion,
renewing my first passion,
the apparel, accessories,
saturated colors, textures, patterns,
Chatting with the fashionistas, fellow bloggers,
getting tips from the photogs,
the whole wonderful experience.

The pix are still challenging,
capturing motion,
and if you miss it, it's gone.
Each photo says so much,
as long as it is clear, crisp.

The text comes more easily
more playful than the poetry,
no parsing over each word.

The networking is fun,
how to become a recognizable face,
though being older distinguishes me
from the mass of 25 year olds.
I wonder how they describe me,
the older blogger who still dresses well?

But the important matter is the convergence
of fashion, poetry and photography,
how to morph them into something that will bring interest,
she's one to follow, good content and photos, fresh perspective.

It will be an experiment, trial and error,
to find the mix that appeals, resonates,
adolescents, women, young and older,
find something that speaks to them.
My instinct is to be inclusive, not exclusive,
though my stats go up and down,
it's hard to know why one poem works,
another not so much.

I'm still finding my voice,
what I want to say and how to express it.
My heart is in it, my intuition is good,
and stay with me on my journey?

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