Thursday, April 17, 2014

I need you now...

It's a quarter past one, I'm all alone
And I need you now.

This song by Lady Antebellum keeps playing in my head.
The problem is I don't know who you are,
Are you someone I've known for many years,
someone in my memory bank,
or have I not even met you?

How will I recognize you, know that you are the one?
What if you are already here, but I don't know,
have I wasted previous time...

Or maybe there is no one coming,
no romance left,
I've reached my quota, used up my chances,
how sad that I didn't realize this earlier
when I coulda found someone,
those precious last years of attractiveness,
before gravity hit with a vengeance
and it all dropped at once.

No more second looks, slow smiles, heads turning,
no more miss, it's ma'am all the time,
no longer an object of desire.

Such a transition within these months,
I no longer know the woman whose face is reflected in the mirror,
She is not allowed out of the house
without her make up
Oh, it takes a while
to create the face the public views.

Aging is hell and whoever said it can be done gracefully lied,
it's a major change to see yourself in this new light
that shines directly from above...
and I'm not referring to heavenly light.

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